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Social Nearness

Since March a new phrase has become an all too frequent part of our vernacular: social distance.

It's everywhere you look. In some ways it means avoiding large gatherings altogether and for others it simply means to stay 6 feet apart. The odd thing is, with social media, I rarely feel disconnected with those that I choose to have in my network. I see what people are doing, what they are eating and probably far too much more than I should know about everyone!

That being said, I have a LOVE / HATE relationship with social media. I love that it's a way to reach beyond the numbers in your cellphone or your email contacts when you want to reach a wider circle. I love sharing photos of my child, reading the good fortunes of others and, on the reverse, being informed of prayer requests and other "bad" news. These are reasons why I would hate to leave Facebook after being on it for over 13 years.

In an effort to not breed negativity I won't go into my reasons for disliking social media. Instead I will simply urge one thing: if you don’t have anything kind to say perhaps you should say nothing at all. You have no idea how your words will affect another person.

Just as I was about to walk away from Facebook, my real estate coaches reminded me of the importance of my social media presence. I decided to fully embrace it, spread positivity and let my light SHINE! For businesses, it's a way to market yourself and remind others that you are out there. Most of my acquaintances on Facebook aren't even located in NYC where I'm working, but everyone knows someone who lives here and they know someone who may be moving here and so on and so on....

And, it's FREE!

So I had to get to work. A good place to start is my "Countdown to Forty". My birthday in early December is a BIG one and I've decided to be very excited about it. Birthdays for me are like New Year's Day. I love a reason to celebrate a fresh start and a new trip around the sun. Many of you might be thinking "wow, she went from rarely posting to posting constantly" or "good Lord, she really wants us to know that she's doing real estate"!

Yes. Guilty to all of the above.

Exhibit A (see below cute toddler propaganda)

Hopefully, I'm adding a smile to your face and keeping us connected in a positive way. I want my friends and family to see the NYC that I see on a daily basis. So many of you have visited Manhattan, but have never seen or even heard of the neighborhoods in Upper Manhattan. I am very lucky to be working for a brokerage that is forward thinking and encourages us to "snap a picture or press record". I'm feeling so inspired every time I go out to show houses lately.

Here‘s a preview of a little something I’m working on:

Here's hoping that sooner than later I will have less posts with a mask on. But for now, I promise I'm smiling.

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1 Comment

Nov 25, 2020

Yum, yum.... delicious!!

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