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Newlyweds in NYC

Cue the kick line:

"It's up to you (kick) New (kick) York (kick kick) New York!!!! Da-da-da-da-da! Da-da-da-da-da!"

Chef Paul and I left NYC in May as an engaged couple with 3 weeks left until our wedding each with successful opera seasons behind us and our future before us....and now, after a life-changing summer with family, friends, four-legged loved ones, adding a new role to my repertoire (Susanna!) and a few months spent almost entirely together (a rarity sometimes in the opera business) we arrived back to the Upper West Side excited and ready to start a new chapter.

We are not even half way through August, but last night felt a little bit like the night before school starts. His opera season rehearsals begin today at the Met and, although my next production doesn't begin rehearsing until October, I've designated today as my day to "buckle down" and move forward with my next role.

My 2013-2014 opera season begins in October at Lyric Opera of Chicago with two "firsts": my first Wagner opera and my first time back at Lyric since finishing my time in the Ryan Opera Center. I predict that there will be some last minute scheduling surprises like last season's Don Giovanni in Madison. I have a long gap between gigs so only time will tell if my manager and I can fill it other projects. I recently got an inquiry to sing in Australia during that time frame, but it isn't confirmed if they chose me or if they are going with a native singer.

It's been great being back in our kitchen, especially now that we've got so many wedding gifts being put to good use! I was looking for recipe inspirations the other day on the Internet and we found ourselves making a chicken coconut curry served over barley, an ingredient I've been wanting to try for a long time. It was a brothy stew containing mushrooms, carrots, rainbow chard, pearl onions and peas and the sauce was a combination of chicken stock, lite coconut milk and curry powder. The barley was a hit, especially since we combined it with some leftover brown rice from the previous evening's Chinese take-out!

We're back and it's time to get to WORK!

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