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Upper Manhattan Makeover

These are before and after shots of the renovation of 427 West 154th Street #4 in Hamilton Heights. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, Hamilton Heights is a very sweet neighborhood located in between two larger neighborhoods (Harlem and Washington Heights) in upper Manhattan.

This apartment has been my home since 2017 and we've loved living here. It's on the market currently because, like many New Yorkers, we start looking for a new apartment every few years. I don't make the rules -- it's just how some of us operate in NYC.

The first time we saw the space, it was completely gutted from ceiling to floor. The renovation was presented to us and we personalized it within our budget to make the very best use of 856 square feet of NYC living space. I found the "before" pictures online from when the apartment was being advertised as a rental and it was always my intention to document the transformation. The "after" shots were taken by Gregory Maro, Chief Marketing Officer of The Bizzarro Agency.

Enjoy this little video that I put together:

Do you know anyone who would like to buy it? Have them contact me :)

Moi, the first time we went to see the apartment in December 2016.

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