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There's No Business Like Snow Business

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Whew, what a week! First week of rehearsals, two auditions, a voice lesson and a was a typical work week for an opera singer, but add on top of that the blizzard looming over us all week (which really wasn't all that bad, thank goodness!) and you've got one mentally drained soprano. Thankfully, Friday's audition went really well despite the fact that I sang at 10:00am--no one's favorite time to sing unless it's at Sunday Mass back home in NOLA and the only person who's really listening is my mother!

When auditions, lessons and coachings go well I get a huge boost of confidence about my singing. Big surprise: *Practice doesn't make perfect, but it sure does pay off.* With each day that I mature as a person so does my voice. I'm constantly learning new tactics to make it sound fuller, fresher and for lack of a more descriptive word, better.

With this wonderfully musically busy week the culinary adventures in the kitchen did not get off to an exuberant start. My belly was full of homemade, healthy breakfast in the morning, Metropolitan Opera cafeteria salad bar for lunch (I love a good salad bar) and something quick and easy for dinner. We ate out a lot this week which isn't the norm for Chef Paul and myself, but all that dining out will hopefully encourage us to dust off our aprons and get back in the kitchen. It's not like we're starving, though: Thursday evening we were treated to an amazing Italian meal at 'Cesca, today we played NYC tourists and ate Dim Sum at this place in Chinatown and tomorrow evening I'm having a girls night at Cafe Frida! Needless to say the gym and I will get reacquainted this week :-) Doesn't walking around in the snow count for earned activity points?

I did cleanse our systems this evening with some Chinese vegetable soup--my own made up creation that I've tested on my parents using various veggies, but this was the first time I've made it for Chef Paul. In a large pot I combined sauteed onions, garlic, ginger, Chinese five spice and small amount of canola oil. I then added whatever veggies I want (tonight's included broccoli, baby kale and spinach) and a half and half ratio of water and stock. To finish it off I added chopped green onions, sriracha (my addiction), soy sauce, red pepper flakes, lime juice and lime zest. My tummy is full of soup and my body is exhausted from this wonderful week.

Buona notte!

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