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Soprano vs Bridezilla

Ah, March, I had such high hopes for you...would you kindly slow down for me so I can accomplish everything I must get done before the end of the month? What can I say? Sometimes life has other plans for you other than what you had envisioned only a week before.

What's on my plate: Relearn the role of Zerlina in Don Giovanni by the end of the month; continue to keep the role I'm covering at the Met fresh for covering performances and for the brush up rehearsal we are having this week; prepare for a gig next Monday in Washington, D.C. with the Washington Concert Opera; and prepare arias for a vocal competition in NYC in less than two weeks.

What magically appeared on my plate: my fiance, Chef Paul, and I decided to cook up a wedding.......this June! With the uncertainty of our careers, we've been patiently waiting to plan our wedding since last June to see what our schedules would look like this summer and next season. The timing seemed right to evaluate our mostly free summer schedules as a clear sign to set a date.

Can you guess which one is taking precedence over all the others this week?? :-) In my defense, I also got a cold a few days ago which makes practicing nearly out of the question. Blah, blah, blah it's all just an excuse to research wedding venues and ideas on the Internet. Monday, back to the grind.

It's the battle of our "real" life versus the life of an opera singer. I really enjoy going out and living my life, but it would be very helpful if I could live in a bubble that shielded me from people coughing and sneezing around me, the changes in weather and allowed me to enjoy a drink with friends in a loud bar without hurting my voice speaking over everything. But when a singer gets a cold it's an automatic "get out of jail free" card from guilt over not practicing music and canceling performances.

But when our personal life throws us for a loop--whether it be joyous OR unfortunate news--we have to keep the career train moving. This past June when CP and I got engaged we were both preparing for upcoming, important gigs two weeks from the day. For about a week afterwards, our wonderful news consumed nearly every brain cell we had available. Literally, the evening we got engaged (after the tears of joy and excitement had finally subsided) we forced each other to sit down for 30 minutes and study our music. Now *that's* dedication!

Here's to a healthier week filled with singing and wedding planning!

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