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Mannino Takes Manhattan!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I arrived back in New York City last night to a warm dinner prepared by my fiance, "Chef Paul", who is also an opera singer / wannabe chef. He turned leftover Chinese take out (a perk of living in Manhattan is we have a go-to Chinese restaurant located around the corner on speed dial for delivery) into a welcome home dinner for two. Containers of stale brown rice turned into amazing Garlic and Curry Fried Rice and Chinese Eggplant and meatless Beef and Broccoli (our place offers meatless versions of classic dishes!) were given a makeover with the addition of baby sweet peppers and onions. I needed plenty of sustenance: I had a long day of travel and a big audition for a German Opera House the next morning. There was no time to waste--I had to get into "audition-mode" and get some rest to sing my best.

The audition today was a success: I sang 3 arias and felt like I represented myself quite well. I showed personality and technique--a winning combo in my book. How does one celebrate a great audition and a quiet Saturday night Upper West Side style? We tried a "healthy" restaurant around the corner that serves falafel baked, not fried and treated ourselves to a bottle of wine at the wine store at the corner--both very impressive. Even the best chefs need a night off every once in a while!

Perhaps my love of good food comes from being from New Orleans. This past week I had a week off in between contracts and I went home to visit my parents. I managed to visit New Orleans during Carnival season without eating any King Cake. I usually succumb to the temptations of sweets, but keeping my weight down is a major focus in my life at this time, not to mention the suitcase full of skinny clothes (including 3 leopard print items...) that I was lugging from NOLA to NYC that was keeping me from purchasing a mini king cake at the airport and eating it on the flight.

Welcome to my blog. I am an Opera Singer. I've arrived in NYC to begin my third contract at the Metropolitan Opera. My fiance is a Metropolitan Opera bass-baritone and, like myself, considers himself "blessed" to do what he loves for a living. We travel around the country and often, the world, following our dreams of a career in opera. We love to sing and cook and we strengthen our relationship through working together in this career and in the kitchen.

This is my life full of arias and artichokes!

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