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Feeling Tea-rrific

Hello friends and family!  Although it's been quite some time since my last post, keeping my blog alive is very important to me and there's always something on the "back burner" -- cooking analogy intended -- that I've wanted to share.  There have been many musical and culinary experiences on the stage and in the kitchen and there's no time like the present to get back in the habit of blogging!  Especially whilst one is spending a month and a half in the countryside of the United Kingdom!  

My darling husband, often referred to as Chef Paul, has been invited to work at Glyndebourne Opera in Lewes, East Sussex this summer!  He is understudying the two lead Bass-Baritone roles in Maurice Ravel's "double-bill" (what we call two one-act operas performed together) L'enfant et les sortileges and L'heure espagnole.  This summer my schedule allows me to travel with him during the entire gig.  I'm "on holiday" as the chaps here would say.

It's a hard knock life being on holiday...exploring of the town, visiting neighboring cities such as Brighton and absorbing a lifestyle that is far different from that of good ole NYC.  We are luckily living right off of the main street in this idyllic little town so we are a short walk from every major café or pub.  I am certain that we won't starve on this trip!  But I am also certain that I will continue to fit into my trousers as it seems that we are always walking up or downhill (plus, I've found Zumba!).  Most of the stores and cafes close at around 5pm and on Sunday you'd better get your groceries done by 4pm.  There are a few places that stay open late and we've enjoyed strolling there in the evening for dinner and maybe a Pimm's cup!

One of my favorite parts of United Kingdom cuisine is Tea.  I use that term to refer not only to the beverage, but to the daily custom with which the folk here seem to enjoy "taking a beat" and having a little snack.   

Just in case there was any confusion, tea is, in fact, a drink with jam and bread :-)

A HUGE lover of both the Rodgers and Hammerstein tune and tea parties, I am living a dream of mine to have a little tea time every day.  On this occasion, I was alone and in the Southover Grange Gardens.  I ordered a tea pot for one and peanut butter and jam on granary bread.  The tea was English Breakfast (I am a purist) and is served with milk. The mismatched china is optional, but seems fitting for the park. On my to-do list before we leave here I hope to have proper high tea with all the trimmings.  Sipping tea with an extended pinky finger will NOT be optional.

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