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Diva, Party of One

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

This post comes to you from the quietest table in a very loud restaurant in Washington, D.C. This morning I took the train from NYC to sing a concert which is being held tomorrow evening at the Italian Embassy--it's a real shame that my life is so dull and boring...!! I'm pretty exhausted from traveling and no sooner that I checked into the hotel I walked to George Washington University to rehearse with the pianist. When that was over I was starving because I hadn't eaten anything accept for a coffee on the train and some fruit from Starbucks since the scrambled eggs and toast that Chef Paul made me before hitting the road. It was seven o'clock already and I couldn't decide where I wanted to eat. Thank goodness there's a really nice restaurant connected to my hotel! After some hemming and hawing I chose to eat at the restaurant rather than order room service.

The art of dining alone is a ritual that anyone who travels for work is familiar. Eating out alone isn't my favorite thing to do--I've noticed that when I'm alone I tend to overeat and eat too fast since there's no one there to slow me down or share my food. Tonight I wanted to rest my voice so I chose not to sit at the bar which might encourage chit chat. I'm a pretty hip sight to behold. I'm in the lounge section of the restaurant at a table blogging on my computer and texting CP pictures of my food. In lieu of a cocktail, I've got a pot of chamomile hot tea with honey. I ordered good stuff, too: a vegan roasted potato soup--I am a HUGE fan of soups that taste extremely fattening but are actually prepared pretty healthy--and salmon with polenta and braised greens. Keep in mind I didn't have lunch! Sure, if there was a Subway or Panera sandwich shop nearby I would've eaten there or taken it back to my room. But tonight I'm having a big girl dinner :-)

[brief pause for eating...]

Yum! No wonder this place is packed on a Sunday evening! No room for dessert. I don't want be miserable in the black monstrosity of a gown that I brought to wear.

It's a tough life....

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