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Busy Busy Bee

Anyone who has ever listened to Angela "the Singer" vocalize or been one of my voice students, has heard ad nauseam one of my very favorite warmups: a descending 5 note scale to the words "busy busy bee". I learned it from my graduate school voice teacher at Indiana University, Costanza Cuccaro. The exercise embodies one of the cornerstones of her teaching: that singing comes from energized speech. For more on that topic shoot me a message and we'll set up a FaceTime at the piano! :)

At this time in my life, I am the busy, busy bee. My days are all-consumed with my little family and building my Real Estate business. It leaves little time for extracurriculars and I have no trouble falling asleep at night. Mothering a 2 year old and juggling work is often chaotic -- in the most wonderful way possible -- and I'm trying to stay focused on what is in front of me. I'm so grateful to have a wonderful partner in Chef Paul who is not only supportive, but has always run the kitchen in our house. Thanks to him we have delicious meals and he loves to pack my lunches on days when I'm out for multiple showings. I love lunch kits. I have five of them.....

Speaking of mothering, the three of us try to get out for at least one neighborhood walk every day......and sometimes hit up our favorite local coffee shop, Cafe One (corner of 140th and Amsterdam).

*Julia swinging on a chilly spring morning at a lovely NYC Park!

It's springtime in NYC!! The weather is absolutely perfect for walking the streets and exploring the neighborhoods. I spent the last few months totally bundled up, freezing my you-know-what off and now I'm practically skipping around town meeting my clients with my mask in HAND, not covering my face. I greet them outdoors (we mask up before we go indoors) and in many instances we are seeing each other's faces for the very first time. It's so cool to see the face of someone you've known for several months, but only seen their eyes. We all have a good laugh as we say...."wow, THAT'S what you look like"! It's such a relief to have survived this difficult period of our lives and to feel the positive energy of the new season.

Not to mention it feels so good to feel the warm sunshine on my cheeks.....and I'm wearing lipstick again!

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